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A Guide to Beer Drinking During the Pandemic

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The Covid-19 crisis has wreaked havoc across the world, with more than one million fatalities and untold damage done to global economies and if you are a beer drinker (who isn’t?), the pandemic might have affected your social drinking habits, what with lockdowns and social distancing. Most of us turned to ordering our favourite beers online and if you hadn’t considered doing just that, it is indeed fortunate that you stumbled upon this article.

The beer industry took a pleasant deviation at the turn of the century, as independent brewers got together to form microbreweries; small businesses that produce fine craft beers. Whether you prefer a full-bodied dark ale or a crisp, clean pilsner, your local microbrewery have superb products and what’s more, you can order online.

Mixed Selection Boxes
When you search online for a local microbrewery, check out their mixed selection boxes, which have 4-5 different brews and when you find one that really ticks all your boxes, you can order a batch. Of course, part of the fun is discovering the many superb tastes, expertly brewed by industry specialists, looking for a specific set of qualities. The very best actually make it into their menu and are either sold in bottles or cans, while you can enjoy the draught version at their venue, which would have a great pub atmosphere.

Local Ingredients
The small, independent microbrewery would use locally grown produce to make their beer; imagine a NZ microbrewery using old European pilsner and IPA recipes and home-grown ingredients? This methodology produces fine beers with that special something, appealing to the discerning beer drinker and if you browse the website of a local microbrewery, you can order a few of their popular beers.

Drinking at Home
Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, some would say that drinking at home is the start of problems, but why shouldn’t you enjoy the best beers while on stay-at-home orders? It’s never been easier to order craft beers online and Google is your best friend when it comes to finding things. Once you locate a local microbrewery website, bookmark the site and you can easily order when your supply is dwindling.

Next time your friends pop round, you can delight them with the contents of your fridge, with a few mixed selection boxes to cater for every taste. To add to this, the price of locally brewed craft beer is certainly affordable, especially when you compare prices with the big breweries, who make enough money as it is.

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